CNRST Case Study: 4DBC - 4D Business Consulting


Case : CNRST (Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique et Technique) –Incubation Department

Challenge: Develop a success & strong business plan

Category of venture: Technology-Consumer

Check list: caveats, market assessment, valuation, sustainability, and management


[*]      About CNRST

CNRST is government sector dedicated to support research and development areas including incubation center devoted to startup and early stage enterprises.

[*]      Approach Case

CNRST assigned a project to 4D Business Consulting in order to develop and deliver a success business plan for a startup-early stage enterprise. The challenges included, how 4D Business Consulting would define real market segments towards success management for the enterprise, how 4D would define the plan of sustainability, economic and financial projection risks towards local market.

[*]     Customer

The customer is IT security system and security solution provider enterprise, the customer provide a technology tools and methods for security systems and networking security systems for med-large size enterprises locally and abroad, with strong knowledge in solution integration. The customer has a direct channel with clients, which means he provide tools to consumers in the market.


[*]      Approaching the case


4D business consulting, works closely with the customer to define and diagnostic the current situation of the customer (current financial situation, accounting, the technology tools, services and products and finally the current market share)

The case was covering series of workshops and meetings with the customer, along with videoconference if the customer top management or CEO abroad. 4D business consulting took the approach by mastering the details of the given case, develop supporting analysis and came up with recommendations.

The approach took four basic shifts to deliver the final results, as shown in the figure below, started by define market segments based products and services, develop a marketing opportunities with risks, draw financial projection and define the management team rules and duties, and finally evaluating and deal structuring. 

Marketing segments

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