Being NEP Certified

  • You will have chances for collaborating and networking
  • You will be ahead of other NEP professionals​
  • You can reach out to potential employers from across the globe.

* Pricing in udemy videos site or NEP Book on Amazon does not include the exam and the registered professional certification by our space foundation

​The World’s First “NanoSatellite Engineering Professional Certification"

The NEP Certification pathway will address aerospace engineers and experts and will be recognized by major space companies, organizations, foundations and agencies.

An NEP Certificate will be globally recognized and accepted and will assist in ensuring better job opportunities in the satellite industry in the future. Many future jobs will have a mandatory requirement of an NEP certification—if some satellite /telecom / electronics engineers are not NEP certified, they may not be qualified for the position, no matter how many years of experience they may possess.

Being NEP Certified means...

  • You will have chances for collaborating and networking with other NEP professionals around the world, which can certainly increase your chances of professional success and development.
  • You will be ahead of other NEP professionals, in terms of nanosatellite engineering knowledge as well as its application in the field of nanosatellites.
  • Attaining a NEP Credential, you can reach out to potential employers from across the globe.
  • There will be a great demand for the NEP certified employees.

NEP recognition

NEP Certification will come to the market early this year and will be totally concentrated on the smallsat market sector. The benefits of being NEP Certified include...

  • Recognizes space engineering skills across the globe: an NEP credential is a perfect addition for all aerospace engineers
  • Noting smallsat skills to international employers: an NEP credential will become globally recognized and required—becoming NEP certified helps the aerospace engineering companies world recognize needed skill sets
  • Reveals the ability to handle challenging complex satellite projects: the NEP exam eligibility criteria are based on a space engineering education and experience. A credential proves these skills and experience by successfully completing challenging and crucial industry-based aerospace and smallsat projects.

The certificate program will be divided into two major criteria:

  1. NTP NanoSatellite Technical Professional Certificate for VET (Vocational Education Training)
  2. NEP NanoSatellite Engineering Professional Certificate (For Engineering and post graduate level)

Diversifying investment into academic and vocational education provides more options for training, meeting the needs of a more diversely skilled youth. Moreover, in the long-term, more widespread levels of education are associated with increased tax revenue and lower levels of unemployment. There is also some, albeit limited, evidence linking education to health care savings and a reduction in crime. Individuals typically earn more after undergoing vocational training. The gains for level 3 qualifications or apprenticeship can be as much as a 20 percent increase in average wages and a 14 percent increase in employment prospects.

NEP Book Cover (Chapters)

  1. Mission development and System Setup
  2. Nano-Micro Satellite architectures
  3. Component technologies
  4. Software development
  5. Ground station systems
  6. Computing & Attitude control
  7. Propulsion
  8. Power, Telecommunications & Thermal management
  9. Launch opportunities & deployment
  10. Regulatory & policy issues

NEP Certificate Press News by World's Satellite News Magazines

  • The World’s First “NEP Certification”: A KSF Space Perspective, Sat Magazine USA, February 2017 Edition
  • KSF Space reveals first ever world’s “NEP Certification” for space education and industry, Satellite Evolution Magazine U. KS September 19, 2016

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NEP Certificate is recognized by Aerospace & Nano - Micro Satellites companies in USA, EU & LATAM
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