Composing a consulting work harmony for your business 


Business Intelligence

4D Business Consulting comradeship its customer all the way through their business intelligence projects, beginning of preliminary analysis of the project, defining performance indicators, data warehouse , choice of tools, design dashboards and reporting to support decision processes.


4D Business Consulting via consulting service helps your company design the most excellent BI system for your business : 

- Detailed Study, audit and diagnosis of the existing needs
- Study of the performance indicators.
- Development of functional and technical specifications
- Design data warehouse


4D helps you develop powerful decision platforms :

- Assistance to choice the tool to establish an efficientBI system that responds to the business constraints.
- Modeling Data Warehouse, Datamart, OLAP cube... ..
- Implementation of the supply process(ETL).
- Connection toexisting databases/exploring data source.
- User Interfaces :business view, dashboards, reporting, DataMining, analysis ...


4D Business Consulting support you in the evolution of your company and your business goals : 

- Support and technical assistance
- Training
- Optimization
Whatever the problem or the challenge, or if you have any questions,do not hesitate to contact us.