Banking & Financial Services

4D Business Consulting help you to success today, banks need a renewed focus on imperatives such as the customer, new operating models and effective divestitures/mergers and acquisitions. We can help with a range of business solutions, outsourcing services and software.

Consumer Goods

A leading strategic consultancy to the retail industry, we help clients increase efficiency and drive growth by refining the commercial offer and developing new organizational and technological capabilities


Healthcare is now the world’s largest industry—with a value and cost three times greater than the banking sector. We work with healthcare leaders to deliver better care, increasing quality of life and improving global outcomes.

Transportation & Logistics

With years of industry experience, we support our clients across operations, corporate finance, organization, and sales and marketing


We help production industry clients excel in performance transformation, manufacturing strategy, manufacturing excellence, and capability building.

Information, Media & Entertainment

We advise media companies on pressing strategic and operational issues—finding new revenue models, exploring emerging digital opportunities, and winning and retaining customers.​​​


In an uncertain economy and demanding market where product life cycles are shortening, companies have to become more flexible and nimble in their operational approach to stay ahead. Optimizing your global operations is critical for future growth & success.


We help leading insurers across the globe meet their strategic and operational goals.


Energy & Utilities

We serve incumbents and new entrants in this rapidly expanding and liberalized sector. We help clients with issues related to organization, operations, and strategy. Our capabilities include organizational restructuring, building capabilities, and top-team management as well as capital investment, cost reductions, performance improvement, networks, and logistics. We also provide strategic direction on mission, sales, economics, and procurement.

Travel & Hospitality

Insights and tools to help companies increase the satisfaction—and value —of their customers.


Our global community business technology consultants is committed to working with executives on their most challenging technology issues. We serve many sectors including automotive, energy, finance, healthcare, high tech, media, mining, pharmaceuticals, public sector, retail, telecommunications, and transportation.